American Bolo will examine every aspect of crime that the majority of people face and the prevention and how to learn to keep you, your family and loved ones safe. Abductions, car-jacking and kidnapping happen every day. There is not a full proof method of avoiding this, but there are a number of common sense things that a person can do to minimize their chances of being abducted.

Lisa Lockwood’s life story comes right out of a great novel or a Hollywood movie. Growing up in the tough city of Chicago prepared Lisa for an exceptional life. From her time as a beauty contestant to her job as a police officer, Lisa’s progression never slowed. She was quickly promoted to detective, performed dangerous undercover assignments, reached the pinnacle of her career as the first female SWAT officer, and ultimately, served a tour of duty in Desert Storm.  Years of experience lead to Lisa writing her autobiography and becoming a best-selling, published author. “Undercover Angel” has afforded Lisa numerous opportunities to appear as a motivational speaker and celebrity guest on multiple talk shows and news segments. Now, Lisa is starting a new chapter with a program on crime prevention and awareness. Lisa wants to show the public how NOT to be a victim and avoid the trite comment, “I thought it would never happen to me.”