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"I loved, loved, loved, “Season of a Lifetime.” The courage of Jeremy Williams and his family moved and inspired me. It’s a must see movie."

– DAVID ANSPAUGH, Dir. of “Hoosiers.” and “Rudy.”

“Rick Cohen’s "Faded Glory" is a work of true passion, a timeless story of hopes and dreams and one last shot at glory. Rick captured a wild and wondrous journey that is a treat for anyone who thinks life should be lived to its fullest.”

- MIKE TOLLIN – Producer/Director - “Bronx is Burning,” “Radio,” “Coach Carter.”

The professionalism and work ethic displayed by Rick Cohen and his crew on "Dome to Dome" were like a well-oiled machine. They were comparable to the chemistry our undefeated team displayed that season. - Rocky Hildago, Head Football Coach, Walton Raiders
"Rick keeps the fun in filmmaking by connecting with the athletes he shoots and having a real understanding of the sport he's covering. "Walk East" was such a great experience." - John East, Head Football Coach, Walker HS
“Season of a Lifetime" is one of the most uplifting and inspirational sports films you’ll ever see.”

– MORGAN SPURLOCK, Director of “Super Size Me,” and ESPN’s “The Dotted Line.”

“Faded Glory" is an important look into how men use sport to bond and relate to life itself.”

-PETER GILBERT Co-Director, Producer of “Hoop Dreams.”

"Season of a Lifetime" scores on so many emotional levels. You don't have to be a football fan to love this movie.

– MIKE TOLLIN, Producer/Director “Bronx is Burning,” “Coach Carter,” and “Radio.”

“Roy Hobbs and the New York Knights live in Rick Cohen's "Faded Glory." I’ve not seen so much blood and guts, self-less honesty, despair, pathos, passion, honor, and above all, -- so much bravery in filmmaking.

-ROGER TOWNE - Writer of "The Natural."

"Season of a Lifetime" is a moving depiction of spirit and perseverance. One of the most emotionally powerful documentaries I’ve ever seen.”

– ANGELO PIZZO, writer of “Hoosiers” and “Rudy.”

"Faded Glory" is a little film with a LOT of heart."

MORGAN SPURLOCK - Director of "Super Size Me.”

"Season of a Lifetime" is a tremendously motivating movie. Our entire football team watched it prior to our miracle playoff run, culminating in our winning Indiana’s 5A state championship. The bonding experience we shared helped create a resiliency within our players I have never experienced in 20 years of coaching"

- KEVIN WRIGHT, Head Football Coach, Carmel, Indiana HS

"“Faded Glory" is the best Sports Documentary made since Hoop Dreams!”

-DAVID ANSPAUGH – Director of "Hoosiers" and "Rudy.”

“Faded Glory" is a compelling documentary with authentic, well-earned emotions.”

-ANGELO PIZZO - Writer of both “Hoosiers” and “Rudy.”

"Rick Cohen's "Season of a Lifetime" may be the most inspirational and heart-warming movie of any kind that I've ever seen. It's impossible to watch it without shedding lots of tears but when it ends the emotions that overcame me were faith, love, inspiration and hope."

– LAIRD HAYES, owner of QBR football camp and an NFL Side Judge #125

“Faded Glory" is THE documentary that resonates and connects with the deepest hopes and fears of males throughout the country and is a landmark event--Rick is a truly gifted talent! Faded Glory offers an unique opportunity for women to experience the locker room environment and psyche of men in an alternative habitat. It should not to be missed!”

-LEIGH STEINBERG - Legendary Sports Agent who inspired “Jerry McGuire.”

Endorphin Entertainment "EE" was created in 2007 by Richard A. "Rick" Cohen and Christopher "Chris" Pullaro. We are an all purpose production company formerly located in Atlanta and now in Los Angeles (starting in 2015) that specializes in long and short form documentaries as well as reality TV and independent TV and feature films. We like to say that EE is all "about the people more than the sport." We capture great moments in the lives of athletes/adventurers/risk takers who are interesting, three-dimensional characters within their sport, adventure racing genre or profession. Every story that we cover is much more than a one-dimensional highlight reel. Our stories are engaging, raw, meaningful and all encompassing.  They touch the heart and soul of the human spirit.

Rick Cohen is an adventurer himself- Having competed in some of the most dangerous events in the US: Death Race, The Ultimate Suck, and Super Spartan to name a few. In 2016, he was inducted into the National Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame, not only for his managerial skills (8 national championships), his play, but also for his contribution to the sport of baseball through his documentary films. Rick is spiritual as well. After practicing for 9 years, Rick finally received his certification in Vinyasa Krama completing his YogaWorks TT 200 hours in 2019.

Rick believes that "Everyone’s got a plan until you get punched in the face. However, those punches, i.e. hardships, serve mostly as a catalyst for inspiring us to be the best that we can be. Just keep showing UP...and eventually you will earn your victories."