Welcome to Endorphin Entertainment

Endorphin Entertainment “EE” was created in 2007 by Richard A. “Rick” Cohen and Christopher “Chris” Pullaro. We are an all purpose production company formerly located in Atlanta and now in Los Angeles (starting in 2015) that specializes in long and short form documentaries as well as reality TV and independent TV and feature films. We like to say that EE is all “about the people more than the sport.” We capture great moments in the lives of athletes/adventurers/risk takers who are interesting, three-dimensional characters within their sport, adventure racing genre or profession. Every story that we cover is much more than a one-dimensional highlight reel. Our stories are engaging, raw, meaningful and all encompassing.  They touch the heart and soul of the human spirit.

Rick Cohen is an athlete/adventurer himself- Having competed in some of the most dangerous events in the US: Death Race, The Ultimate Suck, and Super Spartan to name a few. He played college football for the University of Pennsylvania where he was apart of 4 championship teams, and 30 years of amateur baseball afterwards. In 2016, he was inducted into the National Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame, not only for his managerial skills (8 national championships), his play, but also for his contribution to the sport of baseball through his documentary films. Rick is spiritual as well. After practicing for 9 years, Rick finally received his certification in Vinyasa Krama completing his YogaWorks TT 200 hours in 2019. Rick is also the only known person to circumnavigate the 48 mile island of Lanai on foot in one day (14 hours actually).

Rick believes that “Everyone’s got a plan until you get punched in the face. However, those punches, i.e. hardships, serve mostly as a catalyst for inspiring us to be the best that we can be. Just keep showing UP…and eventually you will earn your victories.”

Death Race, The Ultimate Suck, Super Spartan, 48 Mile Lanai challenge
No challenge is not worth trying…
Death Race 2014
The Ultimate Suck
48 mile/14 hour circumnavigation of Lanai
The route on Lanai
Poster Boy for Peak Races
Top of Angels Landing
Black Belt test Ukidokan Karate
All State HS Football Player/College Football at Penn
8x Champion National Amateur Baseball manager/player
Inducted in NABA Hall of Fame in 2016