The year is 2020 and California has finally had the big one. Half of the state has fallen into the ocean. Nevada suddenly secedes from the United States and takes over the rest of the territory bordered by the Pacific ocean. They called the new sovereign government, Calivada. The US government builds an electric fence around Calivada. No one is let in or out and all trade is blocked. Gambling and prostitution is its main source of income. It’s crime rate triples. All currency are based on a unified code of casino chips. The Calivada courts have an ancient way of dealing with criminals and justice is swift and cruel. A new law enforcer has taken over: The Bounty Hunter.

Before the secession occurred, 20 million dollars worth of US currency was stolen from a sports book during the 2018 Super Bowl. Four out of the five criminals were either captured or killed. One escaped. It is now 2022. Enter a crooked Calivada State Trooper, a small-time crook and a misanthropic bounty hunter. Through a series of bizarre encounters with the lone escapee, the Crook and the Bounty Hunter each receive 1/2 of the clue to where the money is hidden. It’s a dash for the cash before the Nevada Trooper can stop them and keep the money for himself. Then it’s a quest to cash the worthless money by leaving the sovereign of Calivada.