Denton’s Inferno


Denton Walker is dead.

In 1993, during the Bluejackets undefeated regular season run towards a NCAA football title, their star middle linebacker and team captain, DENTON WALKER, laid a hit so hard on a 
defenseless wide receiver that a career ending injury was sure to result.  Although the ball
 jarred loose, it was Denton Walker who remained motionless on the field.  
 Denton had fractured his spinal chord at C6.  He would remain a quadriplegic for the 
rest of his life.

In a display of unity for their fallen leader, Denton’s teammates dedicated their national 
championship bowl game to him…only to play their worst game of the season, a 33-3 
annihilation at the hands of their bitter rivals.  That grave result was almost too much a burden 
to bear for the Bluejackets.  After graduation the players went their separate ways, never to 
reach out to Denton Walker again.

It is now 2013.  Twenty years have passed since that tragic hit and the game.  Denton 
Walker has mercifully passed on.  Ten former Bluejacket teammates receive an invitation 
to the reading of his will.  Why these ten ex-teammates were chosen is a mystery to them all.  “Why would Denton Walker want to leave anything to us?” one of them asks.

They all gather at a road stop in a remote location.  A yellow school bus with blackened 
windows pulls up and a mysterious driver asks them to board.  The rules of the weekend are clear– no cell phones, no internet, no outside communication of any kind.  There aren’t even windows to look outside the bus as it travels to the mysterious location.

Once their destination is reached, they step off the bus, one-by-one.  It becomes apparent 
to them all Denton Walker became a very wealthy man.  A grey stone edifice mansion with Gothic structures and a coarse facade is juxtaposed around spotlessly landscaped gardens.   
The estate must be worth 100 million dollars.  Once they enter through the 15th century 
bronzed doors, a lush marble foyer softly lit by tassel-draped Victorian lamps illuminates the Lynx, Lion & Wolf sculpture.  This is their welcome.  There’s an aura of uneasiness.

Via videotape, they learn where all this money came from– a settlement with a helmet 
company and a Google investment in the 90’s created a wealth only the biggest of dreamers 
can imagine.  Denton, for some strange and unknown reason, has decided to leave his fortunes to the men who have traveled on this weekend.  There’s a catch though– they are going to have to compete for it. And what those competitions are is a mystery.

“Denton’s Inferno” is a feature-length narrative action thriller that combines elements of  reality TV (“Survivor,”) the nostalgia of a reunion film (“The Big Chill,”) and the mystery and drama of an Agatha Christie play, (“Ten Little Indians”).  What you have combined is 110 minutes of pure adrenaline.  Just when you think you know where the movie is going, it surprises you…..over and