GAME CHANGER – 1/2 hour TV Pilot (series)

“GAME CHANGER” is about the first openly gay football player in the NFL.

Liam Burke is no Michael Sams. He’s an actual “game changer” with first round draft pick potential. The senior linebacker from Notre Dame is leading his team to a national championship game and one win away from an undefeated season. Liam has unprecedented skills for someone his size, at his position. He has all the A+ qualities: of an All-Pro: speed, agility, smarts, charisma and the ability to lead men to victory. The only problem is, he’s carrying an A+ secret. He likes men….in that way.

Born from a world class pedigree, his father an ex-football star, mother an Olympic 4×800 gold medal sprinter, Liam has kept this deep-dark secret from everyone in his entire life. That is, except his younger sister, Reese Burke, star freshman lacrosse player at Notre Dame. There’s also the issue of his so-called girlfriend, Ann-Marie Cahill, an Olympic-caliber swimmer vying for a spot on the 2016 team going to Rio. Ann-Marie cares more about her Q rating and her social media numbers than actually having a budding romance with Liam. And Liam certainly doesn’t seem to mind. She’s the perfect beard for his charade.

Then there’s Gabe Shapiro. With his wonky smile, and his do-at-all costs work ethic, he’s a resourceful wannabe NFL player agent. How is he possibly going to sign a superstar like Liam Burke? Well, Gabe’s carrying a secret, too, and he might just be the man to lead Liam’s “out of the closet.” The only problem is– how to get Liam in his office to take a meeting?

The Combine and the NFL draft are coming up and several teams are looking at Liam as their defensive savior. They are scrutinizing every inch of his being. Is Liam ready to be the Jackie Robinson of his sport? Or/and is his sport ready for him?