A generation gap or generational gap, is a difference of opinions between
one generation and another regarding beliefs, politics, or values. In today’s
usage, “generation gap” often refers to a perceived gap between younger
people and their parents and/or grandparents.

Sociologists have divided the lifespan into three different levels: childhood,
midlife and retirement. Usually, when any of these age groups is engaged
in its primary activity, the individual members are physically isolated from
people of other generations, with little interaction across age barriers
except at the nuclear family level.

BRIDGING THE GAP is going to break these barriers by having two of our
most important generations get together for a wild adventure around the
country… and quite possibly, the world. These two generations are:

GENERATION X – (born between 1965-1984)
MELLENNIUMS – (born between 1985-1998)

Although Generation X’ers grew up during major technological changes,
Millennials never knew what it was like to do without them. While the X’ers
were always playing outside as kids, with little or no parental supervision,
the M’ers were enabled/coddled by their parents and confined within their
homes, complete with supervision, along with being prisoners of their own
technology. X’ers created their entertainment, M’ers clicked on to theirs’
with the press of a button. It’s pure patience vs. immediate gratification.

BRIDGING THE GAP brings these two generations together in a fun,
unique and interesting way. It’s part travel show, with shades of Parts
Unknown, Dirty Jobs and Departures, all combined in a road trip adventure
that leaves us wondering “What are we doing with our lives?” “Are we
living life to its fullest?”

Quite simply, it’s a bucket list for life’s adventures.


TWO Generation Xers and TWO Millennials will travel throughout the 50
United States in a Sprinter, equipped with sporting goods, outdoor
equipment, and basic necessities. They will partake in various physical,
mental and cultural activities, not so much to prove which one is the best
generation, but how the two generations can combine their strengths,
overcome their weaknesses and come together as one. They’ll be lessons
learned, ideas shared and conflicts will arise.

X’ers will provide their profound knowledge and experience to the M’ers,
while the M’ers bring youth, vitality and new-age ideaologies. Along the
way, they’ll be tasks to execute, events to attend and participate, dares and
double dares to be performed, all while new skills might be acquired by
both groups… Plain and simple, this will be a fun experience full of
mischief, mayhem and laughter.


These FOUR travelers will explore a different adventure in each state, all
while having fun and working towards a common goal. They’ll each be
given a certain amount of cash to spend so they’ll have to work within a
budget, or earn more money along the way to provide for themselves or the
group. That means they may have to take on a day job that is foreign to

Throughout the 50 states each Generation gets to choose an activity that is
foreign to the other Generation. They all must participate in the events
together. Within each activity there may be some restrictions or limitations
put on the other generation, or even handicaps/challenges to even the
playing field, so to speak.

There’s also going to be random dares that pop up on a moment’s notice,
and fun consequences for losing. They’ll be plenty of bragging rights and
bravado, damaged egos and myopic successes.


Chris Bruno, 50 – Actor/Producer. Actor on The Dead Zone, Awkward,
The Fosters

Rick Cohen, 51 – Writer/producer/director of award winning
documentaries such as Faded Glory and Season of a Lifetime (NETFLIX).

Bruno and Cohen have been great friends for almost 30 years. They were
both star athletes in high school and college. Bruno set pitching records at
Stonybrook and Cohen played on the 4-time Ivy League Championship
Penn Quakers football teams. They were teammates on the National
Network amateur baseball team that won championships in 2008 and 2013
(48+ division). Bruno is also a former MMA fighter who surfs, skis and plays
guitar and the drums. Cohen, a doc filmmaker, is an adventure racer,
competing in both The Ultimate Suck (2013) and The Death Race (2014)
as one of its oldest competitors. They both have big personalities, a wide
range of experiences and possess improvisational skills and acting chops.


Hunter McIntyre, 28 – OCR/Spartan Champion, Winner, Spartan
Championships, Ultimate Team Challenge, Winner and record setter on
Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge.

Tyler Patterson, 28 – US Rugby player and trainer, Faculty member at
Phoenix College in the Athletic training department. Body Builder. Personal
trainer. Male Stripper. He has various tattoos all over his body.
Password: Tyler

Both Tyler and Hunter have also been great friends for many years. They
each have dynamic personalities, youthful enthusiasm and a multitude of
skills. And they are both hilarious!

During the course of their travels, these four will visit national landmarks,
experience different activities, dare each other to try different things, step
outside their comfort zones, seek friendly competition against each other in
various events and meet and explore an array of new cultures and eclectic
people along the way.

List of some of the activities they could be experiencing around the country:

Golf at Pebble Beach
Ballet at San Fran Ballet
Sweat Lodges in Sedona
Stand-Up comedy at the Punchline (any city)
Spartan Event – Super Spartan, Township, NJ
IMPROV at the Groundlings Theater in NYC
Snowboarding in Park City, UT
Ghost tours – the Moundsville Penitentiary in West Virginia (overnight stay)
Paintball – Skirmish in Albrightsville, PA.
Civil War reenactment
MMA/Jujitsu Wink’s Gym in Albuquerque, NM
Yoga Oasis in Tuscan, AZ
Stone Mountain – Hiking in Atlanta
GO KARTs at FASTIMES in Indianapolis, IN
Iowa State Corn Husking contest in Ames, Iowa.
Spearfishing – Miami, FL
NASCAR Driving experience in Charlotte Motor Speedway
Karaoke/Band Karaoke – At Circus in Columbus, Ohio off OSU Campus
Rock Climbing in Bryce Canyon, UT
Abseil down a waterfall – Lihue, Kauai, HI
Window Washing in NYC Skyscrapers
Carnival activities with a traveling carnies. Schlitterbahn Kansas City
Waterpark – Kansas City, KS
Ride all the crazy rides at King’s Island in Cincinnati.
Play in the Amateur Baseball World Series in Tempe, AZ
Perform with Chippendales at the Rio in Las Vegas
Gambling in Las Vegas
Sky diving in the Florida Keys
Ayahuasca Adventures in Kentucky